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Home and Health Care Services

Your goal is for you and your family to live healthily and balanced each day. You are not alone.

We are here to provide support to seniors and peace of mind to you and families like yours.

So that you can remain living at home comfortably with aging, that you and your family can spend quality time together and that you can enjoy and refocus on sharing precious moments with your loved one.

What makes Angels’ different? It’s in our hearts.

Our care vision is to help seniors to age in health and wholeness. Our holistic approach to home care is provided by our team of caregivers who are passionate about what they do.

Angels prides itself on its record of caring for thousands of seniors and people for the past 24 years. Thousands of seniors have experienced the holistic care we share and teach. Reach out to our team today so you can start experiencing our care.

24 Hour Care

24 Hour Care

Comprehensive home care service when seniors are unable to perform daily activities on their own.

In addition to performing care tasks, our Angels also nurture a normal home lifestyle for your family, provide senior companionship and emotional support. We work with you to ensure the well being of your loved one.

If your family member needs comprehensive care, speak to our support team about 24 hour care.

24 Hour Care
Personal Care
Personal Care

Personal Care

Our Angels assist your loved one with personal needs, such as bathing, grooming, dressing, and shaving.

As people age their daily personal care can become daunting. This is especially true for those suffering from Arthritis, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Depression, Dementia, or other problems that make it difficult to move or otherwise take care of personal needs.

Our home care Angels ensure that your loved ones receive care tailored to their personal needs and preferences – so they enjoy their days looking good and feeling fresh.

Contact our home care Angels for your personal care needs.

Nursing Care

Nursing Care

Your loved ones are in the hands of a health care team, providing appropriate and compassionate care under the direction of your Doctor, Case Manager and Social Worker.

Angels There For You™ licensed nurses have experience with senior’s health issues, such as Post-Stroke patients, Cancer patients, those with Alzheimer’s, Dementia and other Degenerative Diseases that decrease a person’s independence.

Nursing Care

In addition, our nurses are trained to assist you or your loved ones in Ostomy care, catheter care as well as wound care assessment after surgery. These services can be provided within the home or hospital.

All Angels There For You™ nurses are currently licensed by the British Columbia College of Nursing Professionals (BCCNM), and are continually updated with current nursing care practice guidelines.

Our Nurses are ready to serve you.

Palliative Care
Palliative Care

Palliative Care

These specialized nursing services to those terminally ill and their families, include emotional support, case management, supply of medical equipment, and liaisons with government programs.

Palliative care is delivered when terminal patients have less than 6 months to live, and desire to spend the time within their home or in a facility (such as a nursing home) with the support of an interdisciplinary care team.

Comfort and pain relief are our top priorities, so that a person’s final days with their loved ones are free from any unnecessary burdens. They experience as much comfort and peace of mind as is possible.

Respite Care

Respite Care

We know how difficult it is to be the primary caregiver for your loved ones.

Our services include house cleaning, companionship, accompanying to doctors & other appointments, and performing other necessary errands while you take a well-deserved break.

We provide respite for seniors who are:

Respite Care
  • Going to be admitted to hospital
  • Recently discharged from hospital
  • Suffering from chronic medical conditions (such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, or Depression)
  • Physically Incapacitated (such as someone who is a Paraplegic/Quadraplegic or has Cerebral Palsy) and more

To prevent burnout, we provide you with well-needed, temporary relief from your care giving duties – you can return refreshed, and re-energized.

With only one phone call, we will find a way to fit into your schedule.



Our Angels not only take care of your loved ones’ personal and safety needs, but also their social needs, preventing isolation and loneliness.

Activities are as varied as the seniors we serve; shopping, medical appointments, exercise companion, sharing stories, playing cards or watching an old movie. Listening to music and looking through old photos with them.

Depending upon your loved ones needs, a Home Care Angel may visit regularly or stay overnight, providing stay-in companionship.

Our Home Care Angels encourage social, emotional and physical health. Their special connection helps your loved ones to regain a sense of individuality and fulfillment. It is in our hearts to put a smile back on their face as we all know laughter is the best medicine you can give them.

Call to arrange for an Angel companion today.

Meals Preparation


Seniors’ well-being and health increases when they eat food that is both nutritious and delicious.

But it is very difficult for seniors and those with chronic illnesses to prepare meals themselves.

Our Angels assist in all stages of food preparation;

Meals Preparation

Meal Planning: planning a nutritious meal with the involvement of the client

Grocery Shopping: picking up fresh vegetables and meat every week.

Cooking the Meals: preparing meals that are appetising and colourful with a delicious aroma.

Serving the Meals: making the meal a real dining experience.

Our Angels are familiar with numerous ethnic foods and dietary requirements to meet your unique tastes.

Call today – tomorrow start enjoying a whole new way of eating at home.



A clean and uncluttered home is a joy to live in.

However, even simple cleaning tasks are daunting when your loved ones lack the energy to complete them. Specially when they suffer from Arthritis or Hip Surgery which makes it difficult to grip a broom or even bend over to pick up a towel.

A messy home is not safe for your loved one as it can even cause dangerous accidents, such as very bad falls for seniors. Our Home Cleaner Angels offer general cleaning, laundry and specialized cleaning to make certain your house is sanitary, safe, and tidy.

Fortunately, Angels There For You™ can help. Our home cleaning services are offered on both a regular and as-needed basis.

Moble Salon

Mobile Salon

Expert hair care for our regular clients, all in the comfort of your home. Angels There For You™ expert stylists will fulfill all your hair care needs.

Haircutting, shampooing and blow drying. When your loved one cannot get out, our Angels bring the salon to you, at a time that works best for you.

(Serving Richmond, Langley and Surrey)

Sit back and relax while you receive our professional salon services. Call today to book your appointment.

Moble Salon
24 Hour Care
24 Hour Care

Servicing the Chinese Community

Ÿ 温哥華

白石鎮 Ÿ 素里市 Ÿ 蘭里市


  • B.L.D.
    服務對象: 有需耍幫助烹調三餐膳食、個人護理、提醒服藥的耆英和人仕
    服務時間: 為早上兩小時及晚上一小時〔合共三小時服務〕
  • B.M.P.
    服務對象: 有需耍幫助烹調早膳, 早起個人梳洗護理、提醒服藥的耆英和人仕
  • 服務時間: 為早上兩小時 (任何時段)

    • B.L.C.
      服務對象: 有需耍幫助烹調早午膳及簡單家居清潔的耆英和人仕

    服務時間: 為早上三小時 (任何時段)

    • B.M.D.
      服務對象: 有需耍幫助烹調晚膳、睡前梳洗及提醒服藥的耆英和人仕


    • 每日精選推介
    • 24小時護理服務
    • 夜間通宵服務
  • 在護理時段期間,他們因得知自己會在一位專業護理人仕看護下,可以安穩入睡
    當你住院期間, 我們可以為您提供你值得擁有額外的照顧。
  • 即當你出醫院,我們照顧會照理你生活所有的細節:如購物,處方拿起,清潔及接送服服。
    請撥電 604-271-4427 (24小時專線)與我們護理專家聯絡)輔添家居護理服務
  • 家居清潔服務
  • 陪遊服務
  • 花園護理服務
  • 流動沙龍服務

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604 427 2839 (蘭里市)

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