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How to Become an Angel

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Main Requirements

Are you a caregiver by heart? Do you feel empathy, compassion for people who suffer? Do you understand the struggle and difficulties seniors go through when they get chronic pain? Are you patient and kind?

Requirements needed to join our Team of Angels

Have you taken training on caregiving? Do you have CPR, WHMIS, Food Safety, First Aids? An updated Criminal Record Check? Time management and good communication skills.

If you meet these requirements please fill out an application online.
An HR manager will contact you in the next 48 hours.

Job Openings



Both Registered and non-registered Caregivers provide services to individuals in their own homes and communities, who need assistance caring for themselves as a result of old age, sickness, disability and/or other infections. Caregiving may include assistance with the activities of daily living, housekeeping, laundry, meal preparation, transportation, companionship and respite.


Homemakers / Cleaners

Homemakers are individuals who provides assistance with household activities which include, but are not limited to, light housekeeping (Vacuuming, changing beds, dusting, mopping, washing dishes, kitchen and bathroom cleaning) meal preparation, menu planning, shopping and Laundry.



Companions assist in non-medical care, socialization and basic supervision to ensure a client’s safety and well being. Companions may provide light housekeeping tasks which are secondary to the care and supervision of the client.


Join an empowered and diverse team of caregiving professionals.

We believe in creating an environment where all can prosper, while providing quality care to seniors and families. You will benefit from incredible support from Administrative and Nursing staff. Additionally you will enjoy the opportunity to have:

Work-Life Balance

We work close to home and family. We offer flexibility to ensure you have balance in your work and other parts of life.

Coverage for your Family and You

Join our team and when you work full time you qualify for dental and medical Insurance coverage and Life Insurance coverage.

Our Clouds Caregiver Training

This is a comprehensive program that aims to equip our staff with a variety of tools to navigate the challenges of caregiving and improve their skills each year. Our annual modules include a variety of tools:

Canada Customs and Culture, Holistic Approach to Home Care and Opportunities for Certification and Upskilling.

Clouds Training Program

Our Clouds Caregiver Training is a comprehensive program that aims to equip our staff with a variety of tools to navigate the challenges of caregiving and improve their skills each year.

Canada Customs and Culture

This training is provided to any new immigrant coming to Canada. Food preparation of the most common meals in Canada. Holidays in Canada and Canadian expectations from workers.

Holistic Approach to Home Care

The training consists of understanding the feelings of the seniors and the challenges they are going through. The different techniques caregivers can use to alleviate the pain and struggles seniors go through. Using different ideas to support the mind, body and soul of seniors.

Opportunities for Certification and Upskilling

These modules are given seasonally. Some examples are training on Food safety, CPR/First Aid, Work Safety, Advanced techniques, Exercising with Seniors. Ongoing and updated training on Alzheimers, Dementia.

What our staff says about working at Angels Home Care

Thank you very much for being a good boss, for your unlimited patience, understanding. You really know how to bring the best in us

Elsa Pink Banaag


Patricia, I had the opportunity to see your company grow from scratch. You have found the simile of an Angel as the name and image of our company. We are doing Angels jobs for all the people that need the services we provide. Thank you for the spirit of missionary, devotion, commitment, perseverance, and enthusiasm.

Becky Hermann


I am truly blessed and grateful to be a part of ATFY family. Being an Angel for all my clients is a roller coaster feeling and experience. I gained a lot of friends and experience. Thank you for all the support, care, love, and understanding you give me. I pray that the Lord will continuously bless the company and keep everyone safe.



You are all a blessing to me. The past year would not have been easy for someone who landed in Canada without any work, but gladly you opened your door for me and hired me. I wouldn’t have been able to survive my struggles without you all. I always pray that you continue to show this kind of family that embraces everyone of any race and colour. I love you all!



It’s been such a wonderful experience and honour to be a part of the team. I always felt welcomed and supported during my employment. You didn’t just make me feel part of the agency but more of a family member. You are a blessing to us all. You are behind my success and I am forever grateful for evening.

Janna Pana


Clients are enjoyable. This workplace offers great opportunities to meet with and help a variety of clients from many different walks of life! Also, there is opportunity for employees to work in a variety of settings such as in the home of clients or in a hospital.

Health Care Assistant (Current Employee) – Langley, BC


We use a holistic approach to homecare; this makes us stand out from other companies. I love coming to my clients’ homes and building rapports with them and their families. Taking the time to get to know my clients is important for me as it allows me to better understand their needs.

Home Care Manager / LPN


ATFY – My Second Family. I love working with seniors in my community, putting smiles on their faces, and making a difference. I have 2 small children and my Angels Team, including management, has always been very supportive. To me, this kind of support makes ATFY a great place to work at

Home Care Manager / LPN


The best agency I’ve ever worked at before. Love to be a part of this agency and love the people who work there. Very friendly,
best services, trustworthy, helpful, and so on.

Sreejith Babu


Amazing company. Great company to work for that does so many wonderful things in the community. Has the ability to grow into other roles and to have a great work life balance. Amazing owner who’s is very passionate about her company and her staff

Administration (Former Employee) – Langley, BC


If your goal is to be a part of a supportive, caring “family” who makes a difference in the lives of others, then Angels is for you. Management truly cares about you, and about their clients. There are opportunities for free education around first aid and dementia care etc.

Hairstylist, Companion (Current Employee) – Richmond


Angels there for you is an excellent company which offers great benefits to the staff. They believe in competitive, collaborative and teamwork to provide appropriate care to clients and maintain their safety. Staff members are really helpful and supportive, they train and guide the staff at each step.

Caregiver (Current Employee) – Richmond, BC


Excellent workplace and benefits for employees It was an amazing experience working with them. I got many opportunities which helped me to gain knowledge, confidence and grow my career. I would suggest this company to everyone who want to gain experience in client care. Apart from this, they offer justifiable salary and medical benefits.

Caregiver (Current Employee) – Richmond, BC


Good workplace culture and very very supportive office staff.

Caregiver (Current Employee) – Richmond, BC


“Angels there for you” is a good place to work for a beginner. You are well supported and guided by the nurse to work for the clients in the community. Management is too supportive and takes care of their staff as a part of the family of Angles. Three cheers for the Manager and all the lovely office staff members!!!

Care Aide (Former Employee) – Richmond, BC


An Excellent place to work!!!

Caregiver (Current Employee) – Richmond, BC


The owners and management are so supportive and are really great people. The best homecare I’ve ever worked for. The pay is good. They match you with great clients according to your needs and location. They genuinely care about the clients and staff. They also arrange outdoor gatherings for staff in terms of entertainment. Very flexible. Management is very supportive and works with you.

Caregiver (Current Employee) – Richmond, BC


Working with Angels is a good blessing, adding a feather on my nursing career. Angels help me not only gaining personal experience with client but also provide a platform to understand different culture of Canadian.

Caregiver (Current Employee) – Richmond, BC


Amazing company. Great company to work for that does so many wonderful things in the community. Has the ability to grow into other roles and to have a great work life balance.

Administration (Former Employee) – Langley, BC


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