Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the ATFY complimentary assessment?

If you live within Richmond, South Vancouver, Delta, Langley or Surrey, one of our home health care specialists can meet with you and your family at your home for a complimentary assessment. This assessment may take up to one hour and provides you and the rest of your family with an unique opportunity to meet us and determine if our services fit your needs. Once we have collected the information, we will develop a personalized care plan and contact you within 24 hours with our recommendations, including any medical equipment (such as walkers or special beds) that we can provide, as well as an estimate for the installation of any required assistive or safety equipment (electrical chair lifts, ramp installation, etc.). See Complimentary Assessment for more information.

What does ATFY mean by 'sharing the care'?

We use the phrase “sharing the care” because many of our clients are caregivers by default who find themselves caring for a loved one without the benefit of any training or prior experience. If you are in this situation, you know from firsthand experience how demanding and relentless the caregiving role can be. You can “share the care” by allowing one of our professional caregivers to take some of the burden of care from you. We form a partnership with you to ensure that your loved ones have the level of care that you desire and that you are not forced to try to achieve it all yourself. As we shoulder much of your burden, you will discover that the quality of your own life improves and you will develop peace of mind from knowing that your loved ones are looked after.

How can my loved ones receive care from you when I live far away?

If your loved ones live in our service area, we can offer you a team of professionals who are able to provide nursing care, personal care, preparation of meals, companionship, driving services as well as all routine home and garden maintenance. We care for your peace of mind and you can reach us anytime, anywhere through our 24-hour hotline (604-551-7347). Our friendly customer service staff will be happy to help you. In addition, we will keep you apprised of your loved ones’ progress by email and will immediately advise you of any changes in their status and care.

What is the cost of ATFY services?

We tailor our service package to meet your unique needs. Please refer to Our Services to see the broad array of home and health services that we deliver. Since ATFY has the platinum level of benefits with CARP for 2015, we are offering a 15% discount in all our services to CARP members. Please contact us directly to discuss your specific needs.

What options are available for me to pay ATFY services?

Angels There For You™ services are billed monthly and are payable through personal cheques. These can be dropped off at the office, mailed through the postal service, or given directly to your caregivers. If we are assisting one of your family members while you are located overseas, we can make alternative payment arrangements with you. We also help qualified individuals apply to agencies such as Veterans Affairs, ICBC, and other health care insurance agencies. Where appropriate, we can bill these agencies directly on your behalf.

If you still have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your specific needs and requirements.