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Palliative Care | Angels There For You™

These specialized nursing services to those terminally ill and their families, include emotional support, case management, supply of medical equipment, and liaisons with government programs.



Palliative care is delivered when terminal patients have less than 6 months to live, and desire to spend the time within their home or in a facility (such as a nursing home) with the support of an interdisciplinary care team.



Comfort and pain relief are our top priorities, so that a person’s final days with their loved ones are free from any unnecessary burdens. They experience as much comfort and peace of mind as is possible.



We are available for up to 24-hour care.


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  • With the support of Angels There For You™ that has provided us care for all these ten years, my wife Ann and I were able to stay in our 50-year bungalow here in Richmond, BC. Today, my wife is no longer with me but I remain at home and can sleep in peace knowing that all my household problems are taken care of.

    Robert Hamilton
  • My siblings and I remain very pleased with the level of dedication the ATFY caregivers bring to the care of our father. We also remain impressed with the competence of all the workers.

    Hamilton family
  • I cannot thank the workers at Angels There For You™ enough for the exceptional care they have given my mother. In the hospital, the doctors told me she probably wouldn’t get much better but since she has been home with the loving treatment she has been getting, she has thrived beyond my expectations. I am convinced that never would have happened without these experienced caregivers. I believe I owe her well being to them.

    Sheila, daughter of Mary Stearn