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Your mom or dad do not have to move into a care home

They can stay in their own home


Angels There for You provides you quality elder care

So you can just be their daughter or son




We know that caring for the body, mind and soul leads to better health and better living. Our ‘wholistic’ approach to home health care has proven so effective that people recover faster after surgery or hospitalization.


If your loved ones’ health breaks down or you need after-hospital care, home care, housekeeping or transportation

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5  reasons families choose Angels There For You™


1. Our goal is to free you to be you.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could partner just the right team who meets the needs of your aging parent, freeing you up to enjoy the precious time that you have with them?  You can be you again - a son or daughter enjoying your parent‘s company.


2. We know that every Senior has different needs.

Seniors’ may have a sharp mind, but physically struggle with the day-to-day living. Or struggle with confusion, yet be healthy and active. Angels There for You works with you to plan a tailor-made care plan that is to meet your unique needs.


3. As need change over time, so do we.

Our Angels provide just what is needed, no more, no less. Seniors in recovery may need home health aid that lessens over time, then changes to companionship. Other seniors with dementia or Alzheimers needs increase over time. We flex our services according to your need.


4. It’s not just about health care.

It’s essential seniors keep their minds active, keep healthy physically and relieve the stresses that cause depression and isolation. We know that caring for a person's emotional wellbeing leads to better health overall, which is why our approach is so effective, even with seniors with Alzheimers, stroke, Dementia, Parkinsons and other age-related problems.


5. It is about safety, quality, and flexibility.

You need to know your loved one is with someone who is safe, competent and caring. All our Angels are carefully screened, interviewed, bonded and trained. Each Angel is carefully matched to each senior with the right skills, experience and personality fit.


To get you started we offer a Complimentary Care Plan Assessment

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