Palliative Care | Angels There For You™Developing a Care Plan

Nothing is more important than sharing a vision of health for your mom or Dad.


We do this through together developing a care plan shared between our team of professionals and specific to your needs.


If we are assisting you in an emergency situation, we can start services immediately. However we like to start with an assessment first.

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Our Assessment is Complimentary 

Angels There for You’s (ATFY) assessment is the first step in the health plan of a family member.


Our assessment managers are highly trained nurses. Patricia Cruz, the CEO and a psychologist, often does the assessments herself.


This is a great way for you to ask any questions you have about us and the care we offer, our health care professionals or about any other personal resources you and your family need.


This way when you choose Angels There for You, you are fully informed and know you are making the right choice for your mom or dad.

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What does an Assessment involve? 

We prefer to meet the family where the care will be provided – senior independent living  or a home. If your loved one is still in the hospital and will need care during their recovery, we meet you at the hospital. 


√ We meet to person who will be receiving the care.

√ We learn about medical and health care history and requirements

√ We explore what medical equipment we should provide, such as walkers, bed rails, canes, or special beds

√ We determine the assistance that will be needed on a day-to-day basis at this point in time. (We change our plans and services as needs change)

√ We plan for mental wellness. What challenges are there, and what brings joy and fulfillment.

√ We plan for social engagement  The unique needs and challenges that each senior face inter-personally.

√ We hear of your preferences for the type and personality of the Angel who will be caring for  your mom or dad.

√ We explore the family’s involvement, our role and how we best can partner.

√ We develop a clear budget plan.


Developing clear communication with you right at the beginning enables us to provide the best care possible.

Respite Care | Angels There For You™

Your Care Plan

This Assessment forms the basis of your care plan, then passed onto you and those who will be involved in your loved one’s care.


You are then matched with just-the-right Angel. Personalities differ. For consistent care, we carefully select your caregiver and honor any requests for change. On the occasion your caregiver is unavailable, we send you another Angel.


For as short or as long as you need us.  Angels do not believe in binding contracts (that is the other guy) – only service agreements. We are there for you for as short or as long as needed. No more, no less.

Your Next Step 


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