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Meals | atfy.caSpecialized Meal Preparation. Ensuring that clients have good nutritious meals: Grocery shopping, food preparation, and serving.

It is always important to eat well and this becomes especially important for those with particular medical needs.  A person’s well-being and health can greatly increase if they are eating food that is both nutritious and delicious, but it can often be very difficult for seniors and those with chronic illnesses to prepare the meals themselves.

Angels There For You™ caregivers are able to assist in all stages of food preparation, including:

Our healthcare workers are very familiar with how to make the meals nutritious and delicious.  They are also familiar with numerous ethnic foods and dietary requirements, so they can create meals for the various cultural and health needs of our clients.




  • Angels There For You’s services are excellent. I contacted them when I came out of the hospital and was very ill. The caregivers were such a great help. They are very reliable and dependable. I don’t know what would have happened to me without having their help. I recommend Angels There For You™ to all my friends and family.

    Mrs. Rogers

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