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Companionship | atfy.caAngels are with you hourly, daily, or even overnight. Emotional support for clients and their families, including various activities to keep the clients engaged, as well as stay-in companionship for those with high-risk conditions.

Humans are social animals.  Most of us enjoy company and, during times of illness or crisis, it lightens our burden to know that there is someone there who is willing to listen to our stories and troubles and who is available to do activities with us that will take our minds off our difficulties.  In most cases, we can rely on our family and other loved ones but, if the loved ones live far away or are very busy, then it can be difficult to find a comforting ear. Angels There For You™ caregivers not only take care of your loved ones’ hygiene and safety needs, but also their social needs, preventing isolation and loneliness. Depending upon the needs of the client, the caregiver may visit them regularly or stay at their homes overnight, providing stay-in companionship.

Here are just some of the activities our companions can provide:

Our companions encourage social, emotional and physical health and take a holistic approach to care. The special connection that develops helps your loved ones to regain a sense of individuality and fulfillment.  Whether companionship takes place at home, in a hospital or facility, or in transit, rest assured that your loved ones are well taken care of.




  • ATFY professional caregivers always treated my mother like family and cared for her with kind, gentle, cheerful hands, words, and actions. I will always be truly grateful for their service. After my mother passed away, I still rely on our Angels There For You™ caregivers to look after my father. Not only does his caregiver take care of my dad, but she takes care of me as well because I know my precious father is well cared for and cared about.

    Daya Harris, daughter

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