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Angels There for You’s (ATFY) assessment is the first step in the health plan of a family member. The assessment is complimentary and our assessment managers are trained nurses and administrators. This is a great way for you to ask any questions you have about our company and the services we offer, our health care professionals or about any other personal resources you and your family may need.


We suggest that we meet the family where the majority of the care will be provided whether that be in a hospital or a home. Just as important to us to learn about the medical history of the family member, is for our health professional to meet the family, and meet the person for whom both parties are focused on restoring to health. Health care also includes mental health and this means identifying the unique needs and challenges that each senior face interpersonally. Our connection to the community starts with these initial individual assessments, and clear communication of both parties enable us to provide the best care possible for the family member.

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There is nothing more important than sharing a vision of health and establishing mutually involved plan to ensure the plan is shared between our team of professionals and is specific to the needs of the family. Communication in these areas is pivotal to reaching a plan. An assessment meeting may include the following reviews of the senior and the family member:


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Aid in Financing Your Home Care

We can provide resources for funding as well as advice on suitable services provided through different federal or government agency programs. We make certain to provide you with a plan that is built around a budget. This process is vital in the long run for the health of your family and we are more than happy to help.


Any questions about how Angels There For You™ can help, contact us. Call us at |Richmond 604-271-4427|Langley 604-427-2839| or contact us through our online form. Once you submit the following information, one of our health care specialists will contact you to schedule the complimentary, in-home assessment.