In-Home Health Care Professionals


Meet the ATFY Care Team

When Patricia Cruz founded Angels There For You™ in 1999, she built a company around her vision to bring care to seniors in their homes. Her experience and early work at the South Granville Senior Center in Vancouver, B.C gave her the opportunity to realize her passion for elderly communities and cultivate a deeper understanding of successful aging.

Meet the Team

The Angels There For You™ team are all registered and certified caregivers and nurses with accreditation from respected educational institutions and each has experience in professional caregiving.

Angels There For You™ is an equal opportunity health care agency that is diverse and operates flexibly to the current landscape of Metro Vancouver.  A testament to our diversity is that our pool of health professionals speak more than twenty languages collectively.

Angel There For You™ employees live and work in your community. Whether you live in Richmond, Surrey or Langley, B.C, the team of nurses and caregivers that works with your loved one is a tied to the community and committed to helping your family.

The Managing Team

Patricia Cruz – General Manager –

Miriam Osborn– Human Resources –

Becky Hermann- Community Relations Director –

David Eduardo– Communications/Media –

Rosa Caduhada- Customer Service Coordinator  –

Lupita Rodriguez- Development-