Angels Brings You Over Eighteen Years of Seniors Care Experience

About ATFY | Stearns, Sheila, Rosita

About Us

Angels There For You™ has over eighteen years of delivering our holistic minded home care services to families around Metro Vancouver including Richmond, Delta, Surrey and Langley.


Holistic Care

Aging successfully involves community and working as a team to facilitate the health of your loved one.
Our holistic approach emphasizes both physical wellbeing and the importance of mental health of elderly care. Our holistic senior care approach allows us to focus on granting peace of mind to the senior as we work alongside your family to facilitate healthy aging and recovery.

Although the privilege of living at home is not within everyone’s means, whether at home, in a care facility or hospital, we operate out of our foundational practice to provide holistic care with an emphasis on creating a home environment that encourages healthy aging.


Going Forward Alongside Our Team


From the company’s humble beginnings more than eighteen years ago, Angels There For You™ has continued to maintain its aim to be one of metro Vancouver’s most personalized seniors care agencies. With our new expansion office in Langley can offer our holistic care to the Fraser Valley. We offer you our services with the maturity and experience of our developed holistic home care approach to your family.